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https://marieannhedonia.bandcamp.com/album/remote-control-space-mobile Genre: Electronic Rating: 4/5 This record has two tracks but the first is described as a fragment and is under three minutes so really this a review of the second and titular track, Remote Control Space Mobile. First off, great title. Who isn’t totally freaked out that these things…


©6 July 2014 Whitney Rix Victory II Ch/ And as the poets wrote of the Angels, As the wind danced through trees, They dreamed of earthbound angels, Set tunes adrift upon the breeze. Now the dragon is crying his tears, For the lad who left lands of fantasy, And the ocean filled with his dying […]

©29 May 2014 Whitney Rix Victory II Ch/ The crying sky is raining on me, The dying embers of the flame, The long goodbye has set you free, Oh crying sky in rain drown my pain. Crying sky, even the angels cry, For they have seen you life go by. Crying sky, I’ve fallen from […]

Underneath The Wishing Tree ©4 July 2013 Whitney Rix Victory II Underneath the wishing tree, Wishing you were here with me, Underneath the wishing tree, Where your love is my fantasy.   Sweet lady, don’t you see, That you could have the key, Open up the heart in me You’re my sweet fantasy.   Underneath […]

©14 June 2009 Whitney Rix Victory II Reach up for the stars, Reach towards the sky, Above the din of The streets and cars, Never stop reaching up until you die. Never let them hold you down, Never fall when pushed down, Hold your head up as if crowned, Ignore bad thoughts until drowned. Reach […]

©23 May 2014 Whitney Rix Victory II V1/ It’s so easy to sink in deep dark depression, Or get lost in your fatalistic obsession, And it’s so easy to feel you’re all alone, When there’s nobody calling your phone. Ch/ It’s so hard to keep your head up high, It’s like the stars have fallen […]

©19 November 2014 Whitney Rix Victory II There’s a little black hole, It’s where the rain pours in, And it drenches my soul, And it covers my skin. There’s a fire in the sky, It’s beneath Heaven’s eye, For the hole in my soul, Fills the void, fills the hole. A feeling in the air, […]

©8 October 2013 Whitney Rix Victory II Chorus We all have dreams within this Atmosphere, Within the space where we hold what’s dear, Sometimes it feels a million miles from here, And some days dreams seem to disappear. V1/ And oh, you know how dreams will come, They get us through the longest of days, […]